Fiber Optic

A fibre optic connection is one that you will give you the same internet speed of both ascent and descent. This is a symmetrical connection. Once your fibre optic installation is completed, a new world of surfing opens up to you. With this greater speed and capacity: uploading audio or video content, sharing those huge files, working in the cloud or making a videoconference with HD quality now is a dream. Continue reading

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ChiclanaWifi is an independent Internet service provider. ChiclanaWifi uses high-quality communication technology that allows data and voice transmission without the need for a conventional telephone line. To receive Internet and/or telephone service, a small radio antenna is installed outside the property, generally on your chimney. Continue reading

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Do you need to connect during your vacation and have no connection? We have the perfect device for you! A wireless Wifi modem without a phone line can connect up to 10 devices at a time Smartphone, tablets, laptop, etc. S term contracts are available. Continue reading

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