Standard Fibre Optic Packages:

Standard Plans:

*Special Offer*-300Mb Symmetrical - €19,90

300Mb Download

300Mb Upload

*Free installation

19, 90


*12 month contract
Then 29,99€
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*Special Offer*-600 Mb Symmetrical - €19,99

600Mb Download

600Mb Upload

*Free installation

19, 99


*1st 3 months €19.99
*Last 9 months €29.99-After €39.99
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A fibre optic connection is one that you will give you the same internet speed of both ascent and descent. This is a symmetrical connection. Once your fibre optic installation is completed, a new world of surfing opens up to you.

With this greater speed and capacity: uploading audio or video content, sharing those huge files, working in the cloud or making a video conference with HD quality now is a dream. Having this new fibre connection also allows you to have several connections at the same time to upload content and your connection will not be affected.

*Free installation when you sign a 12 month fixed contract or pay 45.00€ and have no contract.


Choose Your Fibre Plan

  • Select the fiber plan that best suits your needs.

Check Your Coverage

  • Check if the fibre reaches your home.

Choose Your Install Date

  • Tell us the day and time that best suits you to make the appointment.


  • On the agreed day, the installer will install the fiber to your home.

For more information or to request an appointment for a signal test, contact our customer service department or click here.